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8 11 2011 8 54 PM by Reid May

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Symphony of Souls

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The reasons for which half the leaves on a tree remain in Summer, While the rest turn into Autumn may be scientifically explained, just as to why the sky is still grey even when the sun is up.  But as long as I cannot explain it, the observation is a youthful one, a wonder.

Classic beauty is easy to distinguish.  Watch the trends in T.V., art, fashion, music, architecture, radio, automobiles, technology, literature, movies, interior design, photography, web and graphic design, cuisine, hair styles (including facial and body), and pornography.
Shape and color, sound, smell, feel, and taste.
Can beauty bypass the senses?  Beauty may be experienced by the mind using representations of what the senses can interpret.
It is classic beauty because a majority agrees it has represented beauty for an extended period of time.
Other types of beauty include: original, unique, "in the eye of the beholder."
A unique or original beauty may only be perceived by a unique or original mind.  This can only occur upon some thing in existence, either physically or mentally.  A unique or original mind may then perceive the thing as beautiful and attempt to translate its perception to others as beautiful.  If there is any agreement, the thing has a chance of becoming classically beautiful.

It's colder tonight than it has been in a while.
Even in Suburbia you can hear the sirens wail at night.
It's about all I hear, aside from an occasional Big-Rig hauling down the freeway a half-mile away from the house, and crickets in the yard, and the second hands of clocks, ticking away at sixty beats per minute.
I lay in bed, my eyes reading a book to my brain, regularly distracted with thte question, "Is what I do important?"
I also miss my friend who gave me that book.  And now that I mention it, he's an asshole.  So I don't miss him much any more.

"Symphony of Souls" by this guy.